A flexible body equals a flexible life.

StretchSource is revolutionizing the fitness and wellness industry by creating a new category of mobility training through stretching.  


StretchSource's 4 core principles of T.E.A.M  Tranquility, Evenness, Alignment and Mobility  are the foundation of the StretchSource System.  The application of T.E.A.M. in addition to a thorough client assessment and extensive trainer certification process are three aspects of StretchSource that makes it stand apart from other stretch companies and set's it as a leader in the industry.  


Whether a weekend warrior or a pro-athlete, StretchSource will help you feel youthful again, improve performance, eliminate pain and discomfort, prevent injury, increase range of motion of joints, improve quality of life and reduce stress or tension.   


As a StretchSource client all you need to do is breathe and relax while a StretchSource trainer does all the work! 

How we apply the 4 core principles...

It is important that StretchSource clients feel relaxed and comfortable at all times during a stretch session.

StretchSource is based on the idea that we are mobile beings that constantly need to move in life. The SOURCE of movement is your body. Therefore, StretchSource techniques use only your body to manipulate stretches and do not use any other equipment. Stretch sessions are conducted standing or on a table to utilize leverage similar to a masseuse.  
We would all like the ability to waltz through our day without pain or difficulty.  In order to achieve our maximum function ability, we need to attain our mobility potential. Mobility potential is determined by individual physiological make-up, lifestyle and personal goals. Your mobility potential is attained through healthy ROM (range of motion) and stability.  
StretchSource will improve your ROM  through appropriate stretches and improve your stability through proper alignment.  
StretchSource Method is designed to be modified for your personal needs.  


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Stretch Today. Mobility for Life.

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