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How is StretchSource different from other modalities?
By default, StretchSource has many similarities to other stretch techniques, but has many differences as well.  Rather then focusing predominately on increasing the flexibility of specific joints, StretchSource has a more comprehensive approach to stretch training that requires consideration of the entire body and how it moves through space.  StretchSource focuses on improving mobility of muscle groups and how they work together.

Is StretchSource the same as getting a massage?
While massage is relaxing and makes you feel good it does not work to improve the elasticity of the muscle fibers.  In addition, stretching is conducted with clothes on and without the need for draping which appeals to the comforts of the client.

Are Pilates and Yoga synonymous with StretchSource?
Pilates and yoga differ greatly from proper partnered assisted stretch. Pilates is based on core strengthening and body conditioning.  Yoga is focused mediation with some active stretch components.  Neither afford a participant with the same functional mobility training as StretchSource.

How often should I book a StretchSource Session?
The stretching needs of each individual will vary depending on personal lifestyle goals and physique.  The American College of Sports Medicine recommends static stretching for most individuals that is preceded by an active warm-up, at least 2-3 days per week.  

Do I need to warm-up before my session?
You do not need to warm-up before your session.  A dynamic stretch warm-up is incorporated into your session.


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