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5 day Course (Hybrid Online and In-Person)
Weekday and Weekend Courses
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(Schedule 2 hour practical test and your own convenience)
*** Covid-19 special price reduction for fall 2020 is $1000.  Regular prices resume January 1, 2010!
Level 1 Stretch Trainer: $1500 -- Early Bird: $1399
1.9 credits NASM (Personal Trainers) 
30 Hours NCBTMB (Massage Therapist)
15 credits AFAA (Exercise Instructors)

The New York Post and New York Times named assisted stretching the THE NEXT BIG TREND in the industry.  Becoming stretch certified with StretchSource means becoming a leader in the biz, creating credibility and aligning oneself professionally with a well recognized modality of stretching.  This means you don't lose clients to other stretch businesses popping up all over and rather create a revenue stream for yourself.

Here's Why Professionals Like YOURSELF Are Becoming StretchSource Certified. 


As fitness and wellness professionals, we need to constantly be thinking about how to better service clients and improve their quality of life.  Stretching is one way to really move the needle to better movement and wellness.  Stretching not only increases a client's range of motion, it can improve circulation, help heal imbalances,  decrease pain or potential injury, alleviate anxiety and improve sleep.  With all these benefits, why wouldn't you want to provide stretching to your clients?

What people are saying ..... 

2. IT creates professional opportunity and increased income.

StretchSource System is a full-body stretch modality.  With a StretchSource Certification you have several  professional opportunities including working at a StretchSource Studio or offering stretch services independently.  You will learn a series of stretches that can be incorporated into your practice or provided in 30 or 60 minute stretch sessions.  After training, you will be able to apply to work at a StretchSource Studio or work independently as a stand-alone, separate service as well as integrated with other modalities of fitness and wellness.  

3. It can save YOUR HANDS & CAREER

Especially for massage therapists, adding stretching can be the difference between a short or long lasting career. The wear and tear on your body can put you out of commissions and prevent you from working.  Your hands, thumbs and back can become overtaxed and stressed from the repetitive work associated with massage. By integrating stretching into your massage services and offering stretch session in place of massage sessions,  your body will get a much needed break without compromising your income and ability to work.

4. It makes you a LEADER and EXTRAORDINAIRE

In an industry saturated with professionals, how does one stand out and book clients?  Stretching is the newest craze in the industry and you want to stand out as the best.  Offering stretching will make you stand out and clients will book months in advance to ensure they receive the most updated quality care.  They will not only see the dramatic results from stretching, they will recognize that you offer something unique and are a leader in the industry.

Important Registration Disclaimer

You are required to have a valid and current profession that allows you to perform assisted stretching with clients and patients under scope of practice in your designated location of service in order to participate in StretchSource Trainer Course.  If you have any doubt then we recommend you contact your professional board, association or organization as well as check with your city, state, or provincial government for stretch training regulations under your chosen profession.

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Course Curriculum

SSM Level 1 Seminar - 2 days (Provided Online) 

This Seminar is 40% lecture and 60% hands-on-work.  In the first part, you will review important anatomy related to stretching as well as different stretching techniques, StretchSource 4 core principles and the method behind StretchSource.  There will be in-depth discussion on both joint and muscle health, imbalances and flexibility.  You will learn techniques of stretching, evaluating and assessing all muscles and joints of the anatomy.  You will learn how to incorporate these techniques into other modalities of care or apply these techniques to a stretch evaluation session, 60 minute stretch session and 30 minute stretch session.  A written exam will be administered at the end of the seminar.

Tuition includes

* 2 days of instruction

* Instruction Manual

* StretchSource Grippy Socks

NOTE: Course content is not intended for use by participants outside the scope of their license or regulation.

SSM Practical Course - 3 days (Conducted in-studio)

100% hands-on-work, this 3 day course is designed to provide you with the practice in the SS Method under the guidance of a StretchSource Master Trainer in order to prepare you for the practical test and completion of full certification.

Prerequisite: Passing of SSM Level 1 Written Exam

Master Trainer Test - 2hrs scheduled at your convenience (In-Studio)

Your practical test will be scheduled with a StretchSource Master Trainer.  During this 2 hour exam you will be tested on your abilities to provide a Stretch Evaluation and 60 minute session in the StretchSource SS Method.  Passing of this test will qualify you as a StretchSource Master Trainer - Level 1. 

Passing includes:

* Two year certification

* Official certification diploma  

Early Bird/Full Certification discount ($1399)

Regular price: $1500 

Register for the course and pay in full before the start of the course and receive huge discount!  After completion of this full certification you will have a complete system of skills to use and apply to your work and begin reaping the benefits of additional income and affiliation.  
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