Like many of you, I have had my struggles with muscular tension and discomfort especially in times of increased stress.  Stress is built-up tension in your body that come be about, money, relationships, school...anything.  If you are feeling stressed, your body can and will respond.  Add the additional time sitting in front of a computer or hunched over a phone and your body will suffer.  Mine definitely has!

With all the constant decision making, changes to our environment and pivoting, it’s no wonder people are stressed. During these times, I’m much more likely to lay in bed, and hide under my covers.  My mind just needs a break and sometimes doing nothing seems like the right choice.  However, becoming sedentary is actual self-sabotage and a quick journey to injury and pain.  


If you find yourself in this position, you are unlikely to feel good about the situation you are in.  

The first step is to take a pause. Acknowledge where you are at, and where you would like to be. Very often it takes a little creativity and support to get you back on track and eliminate stress.  Forgive yourself. We can be REALLY hard on ourselves when we make mistakes…whether it be at work, at home, to yourself…it’s ok. If it is something that is out of your control…that it is just that, out of your control. You stressing about it isn’t going to help; it’s only going to hinder you.

How can you change your habits and get back to healthier decision?

I know it’s going to sound cliché but take it one meal at a time. Choose something that you love that was part of your healthy eating patterns. If you have been adding things you don’t need (second portions, dessert, more drinks), just for that meal, don’t have it. Don’t put the pressure on yourself to lose 19lbs in one meal…or eating perfect for the rest of your life. Just get through the next meal.

If you haven’t had the desire/hunger for food, set an alarm for your next meal and make sure you have it. It may help to have someone to eat with, visit a friend, family member (you can even FaceTime or Zoom a meal). Which gets me to my next point.

Get support. I like to call myself out to someone to be held accountable. Be vulnerable, allow yourself to admit that it hasn’t been the easiest time. Trust me, you will find that the more you talk about it to someone, some people, you will hear their struggles as well. We all struggle.

Another option is professional help…someone to talk to, someone to workout with, someone to help you with dietary restrictions/requirements. Accountability is a HUGE factor in our successes/failures. Get some help and/or accountability, for now, to guide you through until you have it under control.

Much love,

Your Chubby Trainer

Jason Pulido

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